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The key priority of our expert institute is to provide clients with professional, objective and independent opinions. Our team comprises experts and appraisers. We also work with external specialists.
Independence and objectivity of our opinions
  • We specialise, in particular, on the valuation of businesses and their parts, equity interests and securities, receivables, and immovable and movable property.
    Valuations take place with due consideration for the purpose and subject of the valuation. In valuations, we apply standardised methods based on revenue, comparisons, and assets. The resultant report is a comprehensive document in the form of an expert opinion. An expert opinion also helps to navigate a problem, evaluate the results of partial analyses, and includes the author’s final position on the subject.



    Valuation services are mainly offered in the following situations

    • Merger, division and change of legal form of a company
    • An increase in registered capital by means of an non-monetary contribution
    • Shareholder settlements
    • Obligatory takeover and squeeze-out bids
    • Deregistration of participating securities
    • Acquisition of assets from the founder, shareholder or persons acting in concert with them
    • The sale or purchase of a business
    • Acquisition of credit facilities and assessment of a business’s creditworthiness
    • Determination of the value of a guarantee
    • Quantification of financial losses and loss of earnings
    • Determination of real estate value for the purposes of the contribution or sale thereof, real-estate transfer tax
    • Determination of the value of receivables for purposes of the assignment or non-monetary contribution
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