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Audit - credibility of your business
The objective of auditing is to confirm the reliability of the business’s published information and, not least, to avoid accounting and financial errors or even fraud. Audit services aim to provide a true and fair view of the entity’s accounting and financial situation.
What can we offer you?
  • Auditing of financial statements (in accordance with ASKA ČR, IFRS, US GAAP, etc.)
  1. statutory auditing
  2. contractual auditing
  3. auditing of consolidated financial statements
  • Reviews of interim statements
  • Analysis of internal control mechanisms
  • Contractual verification of financial statements
  • Internal auditing and advice within the framework of internal control systems
  • Advice on the preparation of an annual report
  • Due diligence
  • Advice on business transformations
  • Auditing of opening balance sheets

Contact us

Dagmar Pěničková
Dagmar Pěničková, audit director
T: + 420 224 800 930
Monika Wallnerová, senior auditor
T: + 420 224 800 930
Matěj Merxbauer, junior auditor
T: + 420 224 800 930
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